Hardline League


This league is run just like a normal adult league. Team entries are preferred but individual entries will also be accepted.

The program runs with an “”A”, “B”, “C” and “D” groups and play multiple round robins with the last round being the group prize round.

A feature of this league is “ON ICE TIMEOUTS”. This rule is to help ensure continued learning and strategy growth. Each team will be allowed a maximum of two - two minute timeouts per game, where an adult/coach can come help you with any required strategy decisions. EITHER the players OR the coach can call the time out. There is also a 3-minute 4th end break for teams to meet with their coach.

The SVCC provides a supervisor every week to ensure everyone is observing appropriate behaviour and to give strategy assistance as required.

We have a windup after the season with a great sit-down dinner and BIG CASH prizes for the winners.

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