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The Saturday 3PM program is designed for kids who are 5-12 years old. No prior curling experience is required. Curlers will play ½ sheet, ¾ sheet or full sheet using full size rocks, depending on age and strength. The purpose of this is to ensure the smaller curlers can throw the rocks to the target with a proper delivery and without having to give the rock a mighty push. We will be doing individual evaluations on the curlers and once league play begins their team will be given a strength rating of: ½ sheet, ¾ sheet, or full sheet. The league games will be played to the ranking of the team with the shortest distance rating.

The first 4 weeks of the program is spent on teaching. Curlers learn how to throw and sweep, as well as rules on safety and etiquette. Once league play begins, each week starts with a refresher on the skills learned during the season.

Regular league play commences on week 5. We play a 15-week season of 3 rounds with one bye per team per round. We will also have our annual Hot Shots and Christmas Party on the last draw before Christmas (Dec. 17th). The winners of the last round, as well as the Grand Aggregate winner (most wins), shall all receive trophies at the year-end banquet.

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